Genius App Redesign

Work in progress


User Interface Design, User Experience Design


Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics, videos and crowd sourced musical knowledge. The goal of the spec redesign was to create a seamless transition from desktop to mobile.



Revisiting Artist Profiles

The first job on the list was to re-imagine the artist profile pages. I wanted to create an engaging header that would quickly summarize the artist and give users a preview of the music they create. The solution consisted of animated profile gifs to draw users in partnered with a few categories that give an overview of the artist work and fan following.




Creating Easy to Navigate Categories

One of the major problem points of the current app is the lack of typographic hierarchy. The current screens run together and make it hard for users to separate information. I created a type system that allows users to easily explore categories as they scroll through artist profiles, highlighting lyrics, artist notes, and top user annotations.


Maintaining the Genius Brand

The final major problem was that the current app doesn't align with the updated Genius brand.  To update the app I created a button and type system that parallels the current brand and allows users to seamlessly transition from desktop devices to mobile ones.


Current Screens

Continuing Forward

Now that there is a kit of parts in place the next step is to expand the app so that it will cover all facets of the current desktop site while continuing to refine layouts. A sense of community is the most important aspect of the updated app and it takes an entire system to create this successfully. A verified blog section as well as way for users to build creditability and rise in the Genius Scholar ranks are also in progress.